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Late Planting Lesson

24th May 2018

I had left the planting of my Anemone corms extremely late this year. They should have been tucked up in the ground by October/November last year, but due to moving plot, I didn’t have any prepared area for them, so they ended up sitting in a bag waiting patiently. Actually, I could have planted them in crates, but they were one of the things I had completely forgotten about. As it turned out I stumbled upon them in February/March of this year and thought it was worth a try to see if I could get a later flowering period. Well they have grown and as you can see I have had a few nice stems but absolutely nothing compared to the Autumn planted ones of the previous year. Another thing is I have had a number of deformed flower heads, including ones with no flower heads.  I have decided today to take them out of the crates to die back and retry the same ones later in the Autumn.  Anemones and ranunculus like a very long, cool period to develop and establish a strong root system so only those planted in the ground in the autumn and protected through the winter really produce enough high-quality blooms to make them a profitable crop.  Lesson learnt, and it’s good to test these things out for ourselves sometimes. So now my time will be spent preparing a space at the new plot ready for them to go in at the right time later in the year. I have also found from this year is that I find for me, The Galilee variety seem to grow longer and stronger than these mixed Meron corms.